Tuesday, June 07, 2005

In my snail mail box today 

Arriving home today I checked the snail mail box on my way in the door and was was delighted to find the latest edition of SCANNING USA among the items left by my friendly postal carrier today.

This magazine has been available since 1997 and I may have subscribed to it in the past but if I did I don't have any back issues laying around which for me is unusual. That being the case I don't understand how I could not have been subscriber because this is one great magazine. I have been a subscriber since March of this year and will definitely renew for next year. I encourage you to stop at your local well stocked news stand or book store and pick up an issue to see just what I mean. And if you like it by all means subscribe as I would like to see a good information source like this one continue.

The June issue has articles about new scanner models from Uniden and Radio Shack, news on the 800 MHZ re-banding plan and much more. One of the feature articles is a “shoot out” comparison between the Radio Shack PRO-2096 and the Uniden BC-796D. Very interesting reading. Check out their web site for additional information.

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