Saturday, July 10, 2004

T H E - B L O G - I S - M O V I N G ! ! ! ! 

I have found a much nicer blog site that is dedicated to HAM RADIO. I have already registered with the new site and will be moving all blog entries to that site. I will post the site url here once I have it set up. When I do this blog will be come inactive or be deleted.


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Friday, July 09, 2004

Join us for breakfast. 

Tomorrow morning, Saturday July 10th, both the North Hills Amateur Radio Club and the Skyview Radio Society will be having their monthly club breakfast.

I had planned on attending the North Hills event until I found out that Skyview's meeting is the same day. I am NOT a morning person at all. The North Hills breakfast will be in West View around 08:45 at the Reflections Cafe. (click on the link to the club web site for complete directions ) Skyview on the other hand is meeting at the Eat'N'Park in New Kensington at 07:00 which is less than five miles from my house. I'm not quite sure yet which one I will end up at but YOU are invited to either one. Visitors are welcome! Stop by meet the club members and say hello. This applies equally to hams and scanner listeners. Hope to see you at one event or the other.

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Mark your calendars! 

Hey gang. There is another meeting of the South Western Pennsylvania Packet Group coming in August. I attended the last meeting and it was well worth my time. As you know one of the projects the new club will be working on is getting a packet system working that will send frequencies of interest to the group. So plan on attending if you can.

Here is the notice they will be sending around to members with notification of the meeting. I got this as a graphic and retyped it so any errors in spelling are mine. ----Ken



Hello again to all. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather so far this year. As I am writing this we have just had out share of wet weather. I hope things have settled down by the time you receive this.

On to the more important things in life. Packet! Our next meeting of the SWPPG will be on Saturday 28 August 2004 at the Blue Flame beginning with brunch.

[ A little note on that matter. The management of the Blue Flame have asked us to remind those attending that we aren’t being charged for the use of their facilities and would appreciate if everyone would purchase something. We do tie up one of their waiters and it is only fair that we support their kindness. ]

Don’t know who will be the featured speaker for this meeting but I am sure it will be informative. It would be nice if each attendee would bring someone to the meeting who might have an interest in the Packet Radio side of the hobby. The more participation we have the better chance of Packet making resurgence statewide as well as nation wide. As you know, many stations have dripped from the rolls for various reasons, mostly because of the Internet. We can’t match the speed of the Internet but we don’t have spam or viruses to contend with.

If anyone has any suggestions or subjects they would like to see covered at this meeting or any future meetings, please drop a Packet message to me via K3MI@K3MI.#SWPA.PA.NAOM or k3mi@atlanticbb.net and we will make every effort to have that subject covered at one of our meetings.

73s and good propagation


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I have been neglecting the blog! 

Good evening, or good morning depending on your frame of mind, to one and all. Since it is past midnight I guess it is morning. I haven't had much time to write in the blog this past week. Not that I didn't have anything to say, have you ever known me to have a lack of words? :-) I had a GREAT 4th of July and I hope all of you did also. The scanner net will be back this Sunday night and we will have lots to talk about.

There will be another meeting of the Oblong Table coming up so check in for details. Come prepared with some questions or comments for the net. Remember I just take check ins and act as NCS. It is you guys and gals out there that make the net interesting. Hope to hear you Sunday evening. Drop me a line and let me know what you have been listening to! WA3FKG

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Upcoming event of interest to members of the scanner net 

I missed this one last year so I wanted to get the word out in time for those that would like to attend this year.

The 17th Annual Pittsburgh Fire Rescue & EMS Expo

July 9th through the 11th

Pittsburgh Expo Mart
Monroeville, PA

Four acres of indoor and outdoor exhibits and apparatus

For additional information call 1-800-747-5599

If you are in the fire or emergency medical field or you are like me and are an avid scanner listener and enjoy looking at all of the equipment and displays this show is worth your time and money. I hope to make it out to look at what is new and communications gear and software for the emergency services. If you are a fire fighter be one of the first 50 attendees any of the three day of the show and you will receive a free NOMEX hood courtesy of Susquehanna Fire Equipment.

Since there is no net tomorrow night I wanted to get the word out on this one, as the next net will be after the show closes. So spread the word among your fellow emergency workers and scanner enthusiasts.

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