Saturday, May 16, 2009

Now running Ubuntu 9.04 

I have upgraded all but one of my systems to Ubuntu version 9.04 using the Gnome desktop environment. The one remaining box to be done at this time is the main system in the ham shack which is currently using version 8.04 and I can't wait to get it up to speed with the new version. I need to make some changes to my home network or I would have it done already.

I haven't really posted much on the blog about Linux but I have become a huge fan of the operating system and despite the fact the you are somewhat limited for radio programming software I'm very happy without Windows in the shack. I don't worry about if the anti virus program up to date, as a matter of fact even though anti virus software is available for Linux I have never felt the need to use one and never had any problems as a result of that action.

If you have never tried Linux you should get one of the "live" CDs that will let you try out the operating system without modifying your existing Windows system. It is a little sluggish running it that way but it will give you an idea of what it looks and feels like. If you are looking for something new to try out in the ham shack give Linux a try. I think you will be surprised how much better this operating system is.


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

There is nothing like good press 

APD prepares for communications breakdown
Source: Anchorage Police Department
Updated: 05/12/2009 11:51:41 AM AKDT

When a city looses its electronic infrastructure through natural disaster or cyber attack, the 911 services, cell phones, land-line phones, DSL internet and private networks, fire and burglar alarm systems, hospital computer systems, and credit card systems can all cease to operate.

Morgan Hill, California experienced this in the wee hours of March 9, 2009. Cyber attackers entered 4 manholes and cut cables completely paralyzing the electronic infrastructure for miles around.

Only one system didn't go down, the ham radio network. Amateur radio personnel sprung into action to assist in the Morgan Hill incident.

Fortunately local hams are ready to do the same here in Anchorage. Thirty-two APD officers and dispatchers have received training from the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club (AARC). Using a grant obtained by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), all have been licensed as ham operators.


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Monday, May 11, 2009

Podcast links mentioned on the Sunday evening net 

Hey gang. Sorry it has taken so long to get to this but I have been somewhat busy lately and need to find several more of those "tuit" devices.

As I am sure many of you are already aware, there are a number of great resources out there on the Internet for the radio hobbyist. Being a "radio" oriented person I have a tendency to be drawn to media involving the spoken word. This brings me to the subject of Pod Casts or if your prefer Net Casts of which there are far more than you might suspect. Here is a short list of those that I have discovered in the past few weeks. If you find additional entires for the list please email them to me and I will share them with the group.

Amateur Radio Newsline

This Week In Amateur Radio

Ted Randall's QSO Radio Show

Practical Amateur Radio Podcast

Resonant Frequency

Linux in the Ham Shack

Ham Radio Pod Class

Hambrief TV

These are just a small sample of what is out there on the net and there are a lot more that would be of great interest to amateur radio operators but are not directly related to ham radio. I will post some additional links as I continue to gather information.


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