Saturday, April 15, 2006

“The Silence of The Blogs.........” 

I just wanted to write a short posting for those of you that read my blogs on a regular basis. I currently have three of them two of which are hobby oriented and a third about my home town. I created and maintain them simply because I enjoy writing and in the case of the amateur radio and rail fan blogs provide a medium to exchange information with other enthusiasts.

I am relatively new to the blogaspher and read a number of blogs all of which I note are updated almost daily. While I would like to update all of my blogs each day I seldom reach that objective with my normal schedule.

Speaking of schedules mine has been anything but normal since the first of the year. I ended 2005 with what appeared to be some medical problems that while minor just wouldn't seem to go away. As I migrated into the new year some of them grew worse and others developed. Just about the time I looked like I was on the road to recovery it would turn out to be taking one step forward and two steps backwards. All of this culminated in two separate hospital stays each more than a week and the second starting out with a four days stay in the intensive care unit.

Thanks to the grace of God, many many prayers from friends and loved ones and a good dose of modern medicine I am finally on the mend and back sitting at my computers and radios. I still have a little ways to go before being anywhere near back to full speed but I will be looking for material for all of the blogs again and updating them as time allows.

My great full thanks to all of those of you who inquired about my health during these past few months and who have sent cards and offered prayers.


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