Friday, March 14, 2008

CPR training offered at club meetings 

If you would like to enhance your capabilities when involved with public service work involving amateur radio this is a vital skill to have.

At the next 2 North Hills Amateur Radio Club Activity meetings, March 26 and April 23, you will have the opportunity to get CPR training. The training is The American Heart Association course.

We need a positive response if you wish to get certified. This is important for trainee to trainer ratio, and also to determine if we need a larger meeting place.

We would like to Thank Craig Pearson KB3NWE and the trainers from the Elfinwild VFC, for allowing us this opportunity

PLEASE respond to kb3iys@hotmail.com or 412-486-2785

Thanks Jim KB3IYS and Cathy KB3OYS

Thanks, we look forward to seeing you there.

John, N3RQD

North Hills Amateur Radio Club

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