Saturday, August 26, 2006

Motorola Digital license free radios 

Thanks to N3DOK for this pointer:

Note: This Radio is available only in EUROPE.
When will it come to the USA?

Motorola DTR2430(TM) and Motorola DTR2450: digital two way radio

Do you speak digital? If the answer is no, don't worry because Motorola has come up with Europe's first license free digital two-way radio the Motorola DTR2430(TM) and the Motorola DTR2450(TM). These recent additions will not only offer cellular like features but also has the ability to make both one-to-one and one-to-many calls, without the commitment of monthly fees or contracts.

These radios will definitely receive kudos from consumers and expert reviewers alike, who are certainly going to be impressed by their reception, range and features. They offer enhanced coverage and short messaging service as well as long battery life. In addition, 500 Mw of full power, voice-activation (VOX) capability, and synthesized voice verification of some functions make them even better. Moreover, radios' design are superb including a "push to talk" button that's easy for kids to use and a range of colors including cobalt blue, camouflage and bright yellow.

The two radios are more or less similar in features, but the DTR2450(TM) is ideal for managers and decision makers as it offers the ability to monitor, manage and programme their teams' radios.

We will keep you posted when more details of this product like availability in market and market price will come in. So keep watching this space

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