Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday evening scanner net info 

Well I announced that I would post some information here on the blog and here it is.

First it was mentioned by Craig KB3KBH that he has noticed that a number of people listen in on the net but do not have access to either a computer the Internet or both. I have brought this up in the past but it is worth mentioning again that you can find an Internet capable computer at almost every public library these days. The use of the computers is typically free with there only being a charge if you want to print out email or web pages with the cost normally being only a few cents a page.

You can get a free email account from a number of providers although I recommend Google's Gmail where you get a lot of storage space for free and can access your email from anywhere that you have a web browser. If you are reading this you obviously herd me give out the url for my blog and have gotten yourself to a computer with Internet access. So take the plunge and get yourself an email account and join in on the fun.

These are some of the links that were discussed on the net this evening.

Free email accounts:

Google Mail



There are others these are just a few that come to mind. Like I said I prefer Gmail but I will say that Yahoo has a new user interface for their mail accounts that is really nice. Let me say a word about email addresses. If you are a ham the obvious choice for your email name is callsign@domainname.com. Example XX3WA@yahoo.com or XX3WA@gmail.com If however you don't have a ham call sign you will be asked to pick something unique. You are free to pick virtually anything for an email id that is not already taken. If you try your firs name and find out that it is already in use you will get suggestions for a user id like your name with several numbers appended to it. My suggestion is try your first name and your last name separated by a period. For example Jerry.Bishop@gmail.com or Carl.Anderson@Yahoo.com which will work for you most of the time.

Once you have your email account established you should join the mailing list on Yahoo dedicated to Three Rivers Area Monitoring Association and the Sunday evening net. You can click on this icon to go to the site and join.

Once you are on the mailing list you will get a lot of good information from the group. This group was started by and is moderated by Joe KR3P.

Also tonight we had a question on buying a digital hand held scanner. For that I suggest that you take a look at the following links.

Uniden Scanners

In particular the BC-396T.
GRE Scanners

In particular the PSR-500 digital hand held.

After you get that new whiz bang scanner here are where you can find some frequencies to load into it.

Frequency Pages:

The K3FSS scanner page

The WPA Scanner page

I hope these links and information have been helpful. Best of 73's

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