Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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I have recently subscribed to iTunes having bought my XYL an iPod for Christmas and needing to be familiar with its operation so I can answer the inevitable questions. I have become a big fan of Pod Casts over the last year so that was where I went first on my account to subscribe not only to the ones that I already listen to on a regular basis but to see what else it out there in the “library”.

I entered the term “ham radio” into the search engine and behold and low I found a number of entries that I had no idea existed. Here is just one of them that I found worth while.

99 Hobbies In One

I have downloaded all of the episodes of pod cast and am listening to some of them as I write this. The one about the RADIO project at Moon Park High School I find particularly interesting. If you would like to lean more follow the link above and check it out for yourself. You can download the pod casts, which are in MP3 format, and listen to them with any number of media players. Enjoy. I'll have some additional ham related pod casts to recommend further down the log.

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