Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Changes coming in the HF bands 

I just finished listening to This Week In Amateur Radio, episode 706, and according to their news section there some significant changes coming in the FCC rules and regulations covering the amateur service. This is particularly true if you operate the HF bands.

I suggest that you listen to TWIAR on the Greater Pittsburgh VHF Societies repeaters on Thursday evenings at 08:00 PM local time. They can be heard on 146.610 VHF and 444.950 on UHF broadcast by Dan KB3FCZ.

If you don't have the chance to listen in you can download the Pod Cast of the show at the following page.

This Week In Amateur Radio

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ham Pittsburgh Web Page 

At the beginning of this year a group of local hams started social organization for amateur radio operators in the Pittsburgh and Tri-State area and built a web site for the group. Nice site, check it out and consider joining.

Ham Pittsburgh

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Monday, October 23, 2006

The move to county wide emergency services dispatching continues in Allegheny County 

One of the things that we discussed on the TRAMA net this evening was that Tarentum will be closing their dispatch center to be followed by Harrison Township. There was an article on the subject in the Sunday edition of the Valley News Dispatch.

“ People phoning for help likely won't notice the change, but starting early next year, county dispatchers will begin handling emergency calls for at least seven more communities in the Valley.

By early in 2007, one -- and possibly two -- local dispatch centers will close. Dispatching duties will switch over to Allegheny County's 911 system in Pittsburgh.
Tarentum Dispatch will shut down operations early next year, and Harrison Dispatch is thinking about doing the same.
Tarentum and Harrison Dispatch are "ring-down" centers. ”

You can follow THIS LINK to read the entire story on line. Listen in next week on 147.090 for more discussion of scanner happenings in Pittsburgh.

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