Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Crushcraft sold to over seas company 

Thanks to Charleen (KA3RXY) for the heads up on this story.

Cushcraft, the well known US makers of Amateur Radio HF VHF and UHF antennas,
have been bought by the United Kingdom based Laird Group PLC.

A press release quotes Martin Rapp, CEO of Laird Technologies as saying “The
combination of the two companies uniquely positions Laird Technologies to
grow the combined business in emerging markets of RFID and WiMax.” There is no
mention in the statement of plans for the Amateur Radio Antenna division.


Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology - 10:40 AM EST Tuesday,
February 27, 2007

N.H. antenna maker Cushcraft sold for $89M

Waltham's Polaris Venture Partners reports that Manchester, N.H.-based
Cushcraft Corp. has been acquired for $89.75 million by the United
Kingdom-based Laird Group PLC, an electronics, security systems and
distribution group.

The Cushcraft business and its management will be integrated with St.
Louis-based Laird Technologies, company officials said.

Cushcraft, which operates facilities in San Diego and Bluffdale, Utah, is a
supplier of antenna products for the wireless networking and communication

Polaris officials said the firm took a majority interest in Cushcraft in
September 2003. The sale is the second portfolio company exit in a month for
Polaris. It follows the recent acquisition of Waltham's Archivas Inc. by
Hitachi Data Systems Corp., a division of Hitachi Ltd., for $120 million.

Cushcraft Corporation

Laird Group PLC

Laird Technologies

Laird Technologies Acquires Cushcraft

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