Saturday, February 20, 2010

World War I Bible found looking for owners family 

I got this from one of the discussion groups on Yahoo posted by a ham in Arkansas. I'm trying to spread the information as far as possible. If you know anyone with the surname listed at the end of his post please contact him by email.

Post from Yahoo:

Live in Arkansas call sign KF5CRY while shopping I find a bible from a soldier WW1 trying to find a family member to try and see if they would like to have it back in the family, we have a way of reaching out to people more. Name in the Bible is Wilfred C. Reid Jr. Can you guys help?

1/156 INF. BN 256 BCT


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Monday, February 15, 2010

A wonderful trip down memory lane 

I was cleaning out my inbox at Google Mail this morning catching up on items that friends, family and fellow hams have sent me that are over due for attention when I ran across this link.

As I watched the slide show it brought back many memories especially some of the Gilbert toys that I had owned as a kid. While not quite old enough to to have listened to a Crosley or an Atwater Kent receiver I have admired them in adds in magazines that I rescued from the land fill when I was a teenager. One of the best things about this slide show is that if like me you are in the Pittsburgh area this museum is within easy driving distance. If you can't get there in person then sit back and take a walk down memory lane with the Picasa photo presentation. Enjoy.

West Virginal Radio Museum Photo Tour


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