Friday, February 08, 2008

Interesting tidbit for international travelers 

Here is some information for you operators that spend time outside of the United States across the pond. This not something that affects me but I know many people who take the rig with them when traveling abroad. This is especially true with sales and field service people. Although I don't know in this post September 11th world how you go about getting an HF rig on an airplane. I suppose with the tiny transceivers available today you could carry an entire setup in your brief case on the plane. Assuming of course that you can get through security.

European Reciprocal Licenses Now Limited to Advanced and Extra Class Licensees

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Some kind soul noticed that I apparently had a disconnect between the device that sits between the shoulders and the appendages that operate the keyboard causing the wrong date to be announced for the MARCfest.

The posting has been corrected and....................

The Correct Date Is :

Sunday March 30th 2008.

In the words of Maxwell Smart, "Sorry about that Chief"


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Monday, February 04, 2008

This months TRAMA meeting to be held at the WASH Fest 

Following our historical tradition the February monthly meeting of the Three Rivers Area Monitoring Association, or TRAMA, will be held at the annual Wireless Association Of South Hills ham fest. Also known as the "WASHfest".

This is Pittsburgh's first ham fest of the year and is always well attended as everyone has cabin fever by the time it arrives and just can't wait to get out buy, sell, meet and socialize with fellow operators. Unlike some other area events I have never heard anyone talking latter in the day or the week saying "well it just wasn't as good as it has been in years past" when it comes to this ham fest. So I hope to see all of you there and have a chance to stop by our table pull up a chair and chat for a while. As usual there will be lots of talk about scanners and public safety radio.

Here is a link to directions and more information on the WASH Fest. See you there!

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Notes from the scanner net February 3 2008 

Good net this evening I enjoyed it. I said that I would post a link to the spread sheet with Allegheny County Frequencies so here it is.

Allegheny County Frequencies Sorted by Frequency

Same list sorted by Service Name.

I may be a bit confused about the second sort since it is not clear which column actually the service name as opposed to alpha tag of the channel assignment. But you get the idea.

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