Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Time for action 

In a previous post I asked you to support the ARRL and here is a prime reason to do so. As a nationally recognized voice they are calling on the White House to withdraw their support for broad band over power lines or "BPL". If you don't know what "BPL" is it is time to educate yourself as it will have a profound effect on your radio hobbies and could literally cost your millions of tax dollars if it creates the adverse effects that its critics claim it will. I happen to believe they are right.

Here is a some of what the ARRL is saying:

A Call to Arms

In direct response to the Bush speech, the ARRL is asking its members to support Haynie's request for the White House to withdraw its support for BPL technology. "Using power lines to distribute broadband services is a bad idea that should not be encouraged," said Sumner. "Federally licensed Amateur Radio operators need to tell him so--and also need to enlist their Members of Congress in reversing this bad administration policy. It is important for radio amateurs to get the facts across to the White House as well as to our Congressional representatives and senators."

To get the complete story and learn more visit the ARRL web page. http://www.arrl.org

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