Friday, May 14, 2004

Additional 2-meter repeater info 

Here is some additional information on the local repeater that took the lightning strike.

Hello all,

I got a communication from one of the Fort Armstrong Wireless Assoc members
regarding the 145.410 Armstrong Co. ARES/SKYWARN repeater.

All ARES/SKYARN operations will be conducted on the 146.970 repeater
(146.370 input / 131.8 PL) until further notice. There is no estimated up
time for the 145.41 repeater.

The repeater control board, weather station and antenna (and I would assume
the feedline) were all damaged by a direct lightening strick on 5/11/04.

I'll update the PA-SitRep Discussion list here as well as the PA-SitRep WPA
2 Meter Amateur Radio Emergency Communications page
(http://www.pa-sitrep.com/wpa2meter.htm) as soon as we get any additional

-David Kleber, KB3FXI
PA-SitRep Owner/Founder

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