Saturday, May 08, 2004

Hey gang. I would like a show of hands 

I would like a show of hands.

I haven’t quite decided if I am a non-conformist, a stubborn idealist or just plain lazy but I refuse to switch from Netscape as my web browser and mail client of choice when using the Windows operating system. When I am using Linux I have a much wider range of program to choose from but that is another story.

Netscape allows you within its address book to create a single entry with multiple recipients. This is handy if you want to send the same email to a group of people and I’m sure you are all familiar with the concept so I wonÂ’t go into the details here. In my address book I have an entry called “Pitscan” that aliases to forty plus addresses. I didn’t realize until I counted that the number was that high.

Each week when I conduct the scanner net I give my email address and tell those checking in as well as those just listening that this is a way to contact me with questions or comments for the net. Also if you like I add your address to the above mentioned distribution list so that you will receive any information I send to the group. Due to limitations on time and a small dose of procrastination I have been lax at sending information to the list on a routine basis.

On several occasions I have mentioned that I have a web site http://www.qsl.net/wa3fkg on QSL.NET and have talked about putting information from the net on the web page but somehow never seem to find time to do it. Recently I read an article on the ARRL web site about “bloggin” or creating a “web log” where you could publish information in an easily readable form. This is one of those areas that I was interested in but hadn’t taken the time to explore since the concept had sprouted wings and taken off on the Internet. You are looking at the results of my exploration of the topic now and that brings me to my question.

Yesterday I posted a message here about “the perfect scanner” and asked for comments. Then I had a conversation that prompted me to send the following message out to the email list.

“I was accosted this evening by someone who wanted to know if I was going to stop sending email to the scanner net mailing list and would this individual have to go to my "boom box" to read the information that I wanted to share with the group. After a little translation I discovered that what was being referred to was the web log or "blog" that I have started. ( http://wa3fkg.blogspot.com ) Now I'm not completely sure but I think this person is still using DOS version 5.0 and a text based mail reader, which may explain the desire to receive the information by way of an email as opposed to browsing the web.

Having said that I would like a show of hands from the group. Here is a copy of what I posted on the 'blog' today. Would you rather I send this type of thing in email or do you like the blog format? Or would you like both? I will try to accommodate the majority of scanner net members / listeners just let me know. Thanks. ----Ken”

So here I am asking the same question on the web log. Which method of getting the information do you prefer? Posted here on the web log, sent to you in the form of an email or both? If this is a duplication of effort I won’t bother with it. I am looking at the possibility of putting this information on the web site at QSL by redesigning my page there. That of course brings me back to the time limitations. I really need to retire so that I can play at my hobbies full time! So do me a favor and drop me a note and let me know if you are reading the blog and give me your thoughts on it. You can just click initiate link to initate an email to me if you like. SEND COMMENTS I would appreciate it.

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