Thursday, May 27, 2004

Never know what you will hear on your scanner 

One of the nice features of the Uniden BC-780XLT is that is has "service search" built in which allows you to scan through a block of frequencies assigned in to a particular service with just one or two button pushes. In the case of the 780 you just hold down the "SEARCH" key for a second or two and a menu pops up on the display with about ten different choices. You can pick from marine, ham radio, FURS, CB, Railroad and several others.

While I keep two or three of the railroad channels in my primary bank on the scanner every once in a while I will bring up the service search and let it run for a little while to see what I hear. Last night was one of those times.

While scanning up through the railroad frequencies I came across a conversation on channel 91, which is 161.475, according to a web page on North American Railroad Frequencies. http://zippy.cso.uiuc.edu/~roma/rr-freqs/

There were two guys talking about their wives and women in general. Let me just say that I heard language that I never expected to hear out of my scanner even though I occasionally scan the CB channels. Potty mouth would be too kind of a term to use about these two guys. One was in an office I think, acoustically hard room, and the other was mobile not sure if on a train or service vehicle. In ether case I just know for sure that they thought the had the longest roll of kite string between their Dixie cups otherwise they would not have been having the discussion they did knowing that someone else might be listening in.

So the lesson here is that you might want to pick a block of frequencies every once in a while and sit and scan through them to see what you find. Like I said, you never know.

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