Monday, May 10, 2004

Notes from the Pittsburgh Area Scanner Net of May 9th 

Notes from the May 9th Scanner Net

Well we had another good net Sunday night. I certainly enjoyed it. Here is a brief synopsis of what went on.

Chris tells us that the code word for John Kerry when he is in town is “Minuet Man”. Evidently the Secret Service still has some of their communications in the clear although they are using APCO 25 radios so unless you have a PRO-96 or one of the Uniden digital models you won’t be listening in. Nifty tidbit of information nonetheless.

Craig was over in Ohio not long ago and stopped in to see the folks at Universal Radio. He said they are nice people and if you are up that way it is worth the time to stop in and take a look at what they have. You can see their web page at http://www.universal-radio.com/.

We had a discussion on “the perfect scanner” that I have written about. Seems that I’m not the only one that has given this some thought. Here are some ideas that I had not put on my original list that deserve a lot of merit.

· No menus! Dedicated functions keys on the radio
· Built in frequency counter
· Base band audio or discriminator tap output
· Auto detection of type of trunking system

We are still looking for ideas. Let us know on next weeks net what you would add to this list.

Don’t forget upcoming events.

Wednesday May 19th meeting at Kings. Listen in on the net for more details
Saturday May 29th Meeting of the South Western Pennsylvania Packet Group Meeting
Sunday June 6th 50th Annual Breeze Shooters Hamfest & Computer Show

Well that is all for this week. We had 21 check in’s to the net this week counting the net control station. Interest in the scanner net continues to be strong and I want to let all you know that I really appreciate your participation each week.

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