Sunday, May 16, 2004

Speaking of lightning 

Speaking of Lightning

If you have outside antennas on your scanner, or your ham rig for that matter, you should think about lightning protection. Now lets get one thing out of the way right up front, if you take a DIRECT strike there is NOTHING that is going to protect your equipment. Or you for that matter, if you happen to be around when it happens. The best that you can do is avoiding the conditions that make you a likely target.

That was the main topic of discussion on the Elmer Net this evening on the 146.88 repeater. I won’t recite all of the conversation on the net this evening but I will give you a site where you can learn more about lightning and its effects. Spring and summer are upon us and storm season will be here before you know it. Make sure you and your radios and antenna systems are prepared.


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