Saturday, June 05, 2004

"Beacon" station Can you hear it? 

I got the following message from Dave, KB3FXI, yesterday and indeed I can hear this "beacon" on my BC-780XLT. I wonder just how much power it is running and how far away it can be heard. Anyone else out there hearing it?


I had my deep cycle battery run down a few weeks ago and had to recharge it.
I just now decided to hook my cb back up and there is a beacon signal
running on ch 19 that reports, "Attention truckers traveling Northbound on
Rt. 28, left lane closed ahead... slow down... use caution."

The message repeats about every 20 seconds.

I just thought you might be interested in that. Maybe it would make an
interesting side-note on the scanner net.

BTW, the signal is BLASTING in here at my location.

-Dave, KB3FXI

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