Monday, June 07, 2004

Come and watch the submarine races! 

Submarine races? Oh, wait that was a number of years ago. What I really meant to say was that we have a scanner net / amateur radio event tomorrow evening. If you are so inclined join us at Lernerville Speedway for the school bus races tomorrow evening Tuesday June the 8th. Now let me tell you in advance that I have never been a race fan of any kind. Two of my spring offs however are avid NASCAR fans and grind their teeth when I mention that I gave up watching vehicles go around in circles when I got rid of my toy trains. I just love stirring the pot now and again.

This is a multi club event with the gang from the North Hills club, the Elmer Net crowd, the guys and gals from Skyview Radio Society and last but not least the bunch from the scanner net. The plan is to meet in the grand stands at turn one. If you have 2-meter capabilities we will be monitoring 146.520 simplex if you want to give a yell. Be sure to bring your scanner. Never know what you might hear on it at an event like this.

I don’t know if my work schedule is going to permit me to be there but I am going to try. So, come on out, join N3BPB, WC3O and the rest for an evening of racing which will include racing school buses.

Learnerville Speedway is located on Rt. 356 in Sarver PA. For more information check out Lernerville’s web site.

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