Friday, June 11, 2004

A few comments that I have received 

Here are some comments that I have received via email about the
question of turning the scanner net into the scanner club. I have sent
some of them to the mailing list and thought that combined they would
make a good blog entry. Feel free to add to the list.

From Greg


1. What would be the difference in what an organized "club" would
do, compared to what you are doing now?
ie. If you think you need a "club" then create one.

The one HAM club that I am in, is kindof fadding away due to low
membership, the reason behind their "club" is to fund ($) their
repeater network, which is a specific purpose to exist. Most people that I
run into when you talk to them about any kind of club, typically, the
response is why should they join, or what benefit will they get for joining
the club. ie. the ham repeaters can only afford to stay on the air with "club"
$ backing them, however you don't have to belong to a club to use the
repeaters so, thus other than social functions the only benefit from
joining the club is the "insurance" that the club will be able to
continue to operate the repeaters. which has nothing to do with a group of
people that listen to scanners.... because the only service that this
club would provide is frequency lists and other information


From Bill
Having much club experience.
NO (not shouting, just emphatic)
This group works, don't fix. Trust me!!
73 de Bill / N3BPB

From Christopher

How about the Western Pa Regional Scanner Club Because there is more than people in
Pittsburgh that listen to it


From Ron

Hi Ken,

Thanks for adding me to your list.

Something to pass along to those thinking on your club idea:

A scanner club, or a club of any type (SWL, or even an all around
"radio club") can be a good addition to the net, because not only can
you all just talk to each other on the radio, but you can meet face to
face and discuss issues and give demonstrations. You could start out
meeting once a quarter or even like my club does, once every other
month depending on everyones schedules. I believe the added benefits
of starting a club can far outdistance just having the status quo of
the net. Give it a try. Look at other clubs like CARMA or even us,
the GYMA, the Greater Youngstown Monitoring Association. You might
find something good about it.

Until Next Time,
Ron Novak
President, Greater Youngstown Monitoring Association
Youngstown, Ohio


From Chris

Lets do it.We need a place to meet. we may want to think about moveing
the location around so everyone can get there. If you want ken we can
have the first one at my house on my deck to run some planes .Chris


Want to add your thoughts to the list? Drop me a note or bring it up
on the net.

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