Wednesday, June 30, 2004

A few frequencies to share with the group 

At the last meeting of the Oblong Table we had three scanner listeners show up to join us. One, Dan from Lower Burrell, was new to me but he had been involved with the group that Rich, K3RWN, formed a number of years ago. Dan is not a ham and does not yet own a computer. We have to bring this lad into the 21st century! We will work on him.

In the meantime I spoke with him on the phone and he gave me a few good frequencies to pass along to the group. Thanks Dan!

If you are into “Mill Air” scanning you will find the following of interest.


Active traffic has been heard on all of the above in the Pittsburgh area with AM modulation. This can be interesting listening but it takes patients! This not like monitoring medical or fire dispatch. Let me know if what you hear on these.

Closer to earth in Westmoreland County these three frequencies are used for car-to-car chitchat by police departments. As far as I know all are simplex except for the dispatch channel so if you are not close by you may not hear the activity.

154.085 Lower Burrell
154.710 New Kensington
151.625 Arnold
154.890 Main dispatch

I normally monitor the main dispatch channel but not the others. I will plug them in and see what I hear.

Last but not least is a little used business channel. There is a large facility on the hill above Cheswick that is one of the former chunks of Westinghouse Electric that was sold and now exists under a different company name. You can find their maintenance personal and fire brigade on the following frequency.


Good listening.

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