Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Field Day Is Coming! Join in. 

The North Hills Amateur Radio Club will be participating in the annual amateur radio field day this Saturday and Sunday. If you are interesting in seeing an amateur radio stations working contacts around the city, around the country and around the world this is your chance. You are invited to see another aspect of the amateur radio hobby as ham around the world try to work as many contacts as possible while working independent of the commercial power lines with stations set up to simulate operating under emergency conditions. It is also an ARRL sponsored contest with honors going to the club, group and or station accumulating the most points under a predefined set of rules within a given number of hours.

As with hamfests Field Day has become a social event in addition to its primary function which is to test how prepared you are to offer communications service for the public good in times of need. A tradition has developed of having field day "cuisine" prepared on site. Typical picnic fair is most often found such as hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. You will a wide array ranging from "delectable" to "wonder what it was before they ate it?". :-) There is a camaraderie that develops between operators who work toward a common goal whether it is to "win" the contest or just too have a good time as part of the exercise. And part of the reason to be involved in ham radio is for the fun of it. Here are the specifics on the North Hills Club site for this year. Stop by and see what it is all about. If you would like more information see the North Hills Amateur Radio Club web site.

North Hills Amateur Radio Club Field Day will be held this upcoming Saturday,
June 26, 2004 and Sunday, June 27, 2004 at Northway Elementary School,
Ross Township, Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. The event will be in
the faculty parking lot on the north-easterly corner of the school property.

Northway Elementary School is located on the westerly side of Northway Mall,
accessed from Northway Mall Drive. The school Is located on easterly side of
Browns Lane. Browns Lane is on the west side of McKnight Road, at National
City Bank and DeMor Lincoln-Mercury and continues to Babcock Blvd.

See you there, 73 de Bill / N3BPB

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