Friday, June 04, 2004

If you live in Westmoreland County start thinking PRO-96 

Well I received this yesterday via email from one of the scanner net members. I live on the border of Westmoreland County and do like to monitor comms up that way so I have been watching this system develop.

From a scanner net member in Westmoreland County:

Just to let you know. Today my one employer received a visit from Staley Communications who installed a Base station Astro Spectra radio and Antenna on the roof. The antenna is the weirdist thing i have seen Like a white block aim to one of the towers. Radio only has one talkgroup in it at present. Display say A C1 thats it no other channels and i really didnt want to key it up and see if anybody could hear me. Also the fire station right across from my station also had the install today.

Have not yet received portables or mobiles installed.

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