Sunday, June 20, 2004

Interesting post from a mailling list about "Mini cells" 

This was posted by a reporter who has been following the MA/COM story to several mailling lists that I subscribe to. I think is speaks volumes about MA/COM's attitude about the value of commuincations to emergency service personal.

Posting from SCAN-PA

I was reviewing some of the documents MA/COM submitted to the Pa and came
across the following :A description of MA/COM's "mini cells" that are supposed
to provide communications in the radio 'dead spots".
The MA/COM document says the major disadvantage of the system is "the time
required to establish the connection" It takes 15 seconds for the mini cell
to dial up a connection to the main system. Any police officer will tell you
that 15 seconds is an eternity during an emergency. As I understand it most
of the mini cells are tied to the system with phone lines and and not linked
via microwave..


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