Sunday, June 13, 2004

Notes from the Pittsburgh Area Scanner Net of June 13, 2004 

Notes from the Scanner Net

We had twenty-seven stations check in to the net this evening including the net control

I passed this web resource along to the member of the Elmer Net yesterday evening on
the 146.880 machine and wanted to make sure that scanner net members heard about it
also. Would you like to learn a little more about electricity?
Here is a link to a great web site that is an on line book that takes you through the
fundamentals of electricity. If you are considering getting your amateur radio license or
even if you are not but would like to understand electrical theory so that you might enjoy
the radio hobby all the more this is a great resource. Take a look at it and see if you don't
agree. Many thanks to Brian, AB3BT, for passing this along to me in email.


I have also posted this on the blog if you lose this email.


I had a question about streaming the audio from the 09 repeater and hence the net out to
the Internet which is something that I have thought about. I asked on the net if there was
anyone out there that would be interested in taking this project on and I have received one
response in email since the close of the net from an individual willing to help out. I will
let you know at a latter time how this is proceeding. If you have access to systems with
the ability to stream audio out on the net and a broadband connection feel free to jump in
at any time.


I mentioned the replies that I have received so far about my question on forming a club.
As I said on the net I plan to go forward with the idea and over the course of the summer
months I would like to get your input on how the club should be structured and what its
objectives should be. If you have something to say on this subject please speak up and let
me know. More on this next week.


Along those lines Matt, W3JQJ, offered the suggestion that we make the club a general
monitoring association as opposed to a scanner specific organization. Others in the past
have expressed a desire to keep the scanner net focused on scanners. I have respected
that opinion but am not quite sure that it should apply to a club. There are a lot of short
wave listeners out there that are also scanner enthusiasts and enjoy both hobbies. I think
the tent is large enough to accommodate all and this has been reflected in the meetings
that we have been having at Kings. Again, I say let me know what you think? I am open
to all opinion and debate.


Meeting of the oblong table!

We are planning another meeting of the oblong table. I hope to get the group together at
Kings Restaurant in Water Works Plaza at 07:30 PM on Wednesday June 23, 2004.
Listen in next week for additional details. Hope to see you there.


One last item. We had a request from Duncan, KF6YYT, to see if anyone had heard any
of the mil-air traffic during the flights from California to Washington DC and back
during the state funeral for former President Reagan. During the net we had no
comments on the subject but if you did manage to hear any unusual traffic in the air band
please let us know.


That is all for this week. I want to thank all of you who checked in this evening and
participated in the net. To those of you listening in with your scanners and working on
your ham tickets, keep up the good work. You will pass that test and soon be on the air.
I look forward to hearing you on the net. Until next week 73's.

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