Tuesday, June 15, 2004

There is a place being held just for you 

You are invited

For all of you out there on this list that are just listening in, and even those that check in
now and again, here is an open invitation for you. The Skyview Radio Society will be
having their monthly social meeting this evening Tuesday June 15th at 07:30 PM. Here is
the agenda for the meeting as taken from their mailing list on Yahoo.


Social meeting tomorrow night. We will be:

1. Kickin back and shootin the bull.
2. Making plans for Field Day.
3. Assembling the 3 element beam we will be using for Field Day to
making sure it is all there and works.
4. Admiring the golf course-like lawn.
5. Kickin back and shootin the bull.

Hope to see you there.

Also we have some extra Skyview hats. They are $10.00 ea. They are
sharper than normally allowed by law, so what ever happens, we can't be


So if you are one of the folks on my list that is thinking about jumping into amateur radio
as an adjunct to your scanning or SWL hobby why don't you stop by and see what it is all
about. Even if you have never been to the Skyview club you will be among friends.

Now how do you find your way there? Well you wander on over to the club web site
Skyview Radio Society and there you will find directions to the club house
complete with maps. Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to attend this evening due
to timing and work but please stop by and say hello to the gang.

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