Monday, June 14, 2004

This is a site you should visit and study 

As many of you know I have encouraged you to stay current on broadband over power
lines or BPL as those favoring it like to call it. For those of us that rely on two-way radio for our profession or expect our public safety personal to be able to communicate when we call them for help or even just enjoy listening to radio as a hobby it is the devil incarnate. From all of the evidence that I have seen presented BPL is such a bad idea that I'm not sure why there was an attempt to implement it let along why we are having all these debates about what level of interference it is going to cause if it is carried out as proposed.

So today a friend told me about this web site and I want to pass the information along to you so that you can be better informed if the subject should come up. I would hope that you will contact your elected representatives and make your feelings know to them, in a civil manner of course, ask that they not do anything to support any attempt to foster this failed technology on the public.

So go and check out this site and pass the word along to friends.

BPL's seductive message, about the Internet being as close as the nearest power point, is superficially attractive. It would be a great concept if, to paraphrase Amperion, it actually worked! However, as one peels away the outer sheepskin, the wolf within is revealed.

Click here to visit GOBPL.com

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