Friday, June 25, 2004

UHF repeater on Cathedral of Learning moving frequency 

The W3YJ repeater owned and operated by the University of Pittsburgh Amateur Radio Club and located on top of the Cathedral of Learning [Interesting pictures of the site] building has been experiencing interference from local cable television signals modulated in the UHF amateur band to provide customers with the CSPAN-II channel. The repeater operates on a frequency of 444.750 and while earnest efforts have been made by the cable company to resolve the problem the results have not been satisfactory. Technically the burden rests with the cable company and they could be forced to do whatever it takes to solve the problem. However the repeater’s trustee, Harry Bloomberg, has decided that the best way to eliminate the problem is to move the repeater frequency.

In the amateur radio community repeater frequency coordination is done by volunteer agreement between repeater operators who form a repeater council that oversees the process. W3YJ has applied for and received tentative approval to move to 443.450 mHz. The O’Hara Township Emergency Communications Team currently uses the repeater for drills and incidences occurring within the township and adjoining communities. You can listen in on their training net the first Sunday evening of each month at 21:00 hour’s local time. So if you scanner listeners rely on amateur radio as one of your information resources during times of emergency you will want to note this in your directories.

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