Tuesday, June 15, 2004

What a let down! 

Well I did some checking into the AOR decoder that will let you listen to APCO 25 digital systems with your existing scanner. What you say could be wrong with that? Well as the poet says, “Let me count the ways”.

To start with this box is EXPENSIVE. We are talking about $395 bucks for a box that is just a decoder. For another $100 you can have an entire scanner from Radio Shack. The PRO-96 sells for $499.99, alright I know its really $500 but you get the point, and the 96 is a really nice scanner.

The adds I see say that it will work with any radio that you only need feed the audio in from the speaker jack and the box will determine if it is analog or APCO 25 and output the appropriate audio. There is no modification required to the radio, yet on the back panel of the decoder is a DB9 connector and it says the radio must have 10.7 mHz IF. Maybe it’s me but I can’t quite figure that one out.

Last but not least the add says in bold print that the box will not decode APCO 25 modulation on any trunked system. There may be someone somewhere whose prayer has been answered by this product but I can tell you it isn’t me. If you would like to see add copy on this unit follow this link. Universal Radio Add

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