Monday, May 30, 2005

Back in the saddle again............ 

Well I find myself shifting gears again. For some reason the site http://www.hamblog.com does not currently seem to be available. I noticed today, May 29th 2005, that when I tried to get into the site I get the message “Account has been suspended” and no further explanation.

Since I can't find anyone connected with the site who can tell me what their current or future status is I am shifting back to Blogspot for my web log. I still like the idea of Hamblog since it is a focus point for amateur radio operators and seems to draw a good readership. If and when the site returns I will decide if I am going to move the blog entries from there to here or continue with new posting going to Hamblog. I really don't have time to play ping-pong with two sites. Hopefully the loss of Hamblog is short term and it will return. Until that time look for my ramblings here.

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