Thursday, June 30, 2005

Interesting tidbit from Amateur Radio News Line 

An interesting note from this weeks Amateur Radio News Line. If you are my age and involved in electronics one of the best known names in the industry is Electro Voice. Even if you never got involved with amateur radio at some point you tinkered with amplifiers and sound systems. And if you read Popular Electronics or Electronics Illustrated in the 50's and 60's you could not escape seeing their adds in the magazines. I have owned a number of Electro Voice microphones over the course of time but never really knew anything about the company other than the fact that they were the leader in their field.

So I was surprised this evening while listening to News Line when it was announced that Albert Kahn, K4FW, the founder of Electro Voice has passed away. He was ninety eight years old so the news of his becoming a silent key was not unexpected. The surprise came when I learned that he was also the founder of Ten-Tec maker of amateur radio equipment. As with so many other things in life I am learning that if you educate yourself on the history of any given subject it becomes all the more interesting. If you go to the Amateur Radio News Line site you can download an MP3 version of this weeks broadcast and listen to it or you can get a transcript in the form of an ASCII text file to find out more about Albert Kahn and what legendary football coach Knute Rockne had to do with the founding of Electro Voice.

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