Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rediscovering the Linux Journal web site 

I have been a subscriber to Linux Journal for about three years now and find it a useful information source for my Linux pursuits. I used to visit their web site at least every few days and wander around to see what if anything was new. As the web grew and information overflow crept in I found myself visiting their web site less often though I still received the magazine in the mail each month.

Well a while back I got a reminder in snail mail that my subscription was about to expire and I needed to fill out this little card and send it back to them pronto if I didn't want to miss any issues of the magazine. I promptly tucked that away in a safe place making a mental note to either send them the card or get on line and renew over the web. Last night I ran across that card again and decided my next project should be a hardware add on for my Palm Pilot that will extend the business end of a Taser and give me a swift jolt when items on my “to do” list reach a certain limit beyond their due date. But that is another story.

I decided I should get on the web site and renew while I was thinking about it. Going to my book marks in Mozilla I brought up the Linux Journal site and to my surprise it has been completely reworked. It used to be just a way to showcase the magazine and that was fine with me. Now it looks more like a portal. Lots of articles to read and a number of good links and some news letters that look worth while.

I have renewed my subscription and while a number of the articles that are between the covers each month are above my meager Linux skills I still manage to get quite a bit from each issue. If you are looking into Linux and you are a “magazine person” this is a good place to start.

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