Monday, June 20, 2005

Sunday nights scanner net 

Well I just found out there was no scanner net this evening. Sorry about that folks! Joe, KR3P, and I are going to start alternating as net control station and I thought Joe was taking the net this evening. Even so I was going to check in and make a few comments. Turns out there was some event going on that Joe was participating in and he didn't get home until well after net time.

Now I know all of this because Linda heard Joe asking on 09 if we had a net and what all was said. I was preoccupied with trying to get some new devices hooked up and when I looked at the clock it was 09:30 PM and I grabbed the HT, switched on 09 and heard silence. So I just figured it was a short net this evening and I went back to the problem I was fighting at the time. Hope all of you had a very happy Father's Day and hope to hear you next week on the scanner net.

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