Wednesday, July 20, 2005

An enjoyable evening of conversation in Pittsburgh by way of Bentleyville 

A friend, KA3RXY, called me this evening knowing my interest in the Linux operating system and said that I should get on the local 147.87/27 repeater as that seemed to be the topic de jour among the group that was on at the time.

Well I ambled up to the shack and there I linked up with N3OVO and several others who seemed to be as enthusiastic about Linux as I was. John and I spent the next few hours talking about similar interests and experiences. Like me he is longing to get away from the Windows world with the “blue screen of death” and all of the various viruses that you have to deal with if you connect your machine to the outside world.

In addition John pointed me to some sites with ham radio software designed for Linux. I will post some of the links here on the blog tomorrow. Tonight I'm going to bed as it has been a long day. Did I mention it has been such a long day because I had to spend over four hours at work upgrading some software that should have taken only twenty minutes? Yep, where I work the corporate IT folks have dictated that we have to install service pack two on all of our XP machines and I'm finding lots of software that “breaks” after SP2 is installed. But that is another rant for another time. Tonight I will dream of a perfect world where Windows is banished and we run Linux on the desk tops.

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