Thursday, July 28, 2005

Local dispatchers to remain after merger 

From the Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Monroeville will keep local dispatchers when the Eastern Regional Communications Center merges with Allegheny County 911 at the end of the year.

Municipal officials decided to keep its operation in the municipal building to serve as a ringdown center. In a ringdown center, calls to 911 are transferred automatically from the county to local dispatchers.

Katofsky, also a Monroeville councilman and volunteer fire chief, said Monroeville's radio and computer-aided dispatch systems are better than the county's.

"The police records management system is tied into the CAD (computer-aided dispatching system) in the police cars, fire trucks and ambulances," Katofsky said.

Also, Monroeville has silent dispatching, which means as dispatchers can type in a call that shows up on computer screens in police cars.

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