Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Searching the web 

Everyone who owns a computer that is connected to the Internet knows what Google is. The search engine that started out life as a research project has become such a force in the on line world that it even is a recognized word in the dictionary. If you spend more than a few minuets a day on line you know how to “Google” for something.

If you have ever “Googled” you know that putting in a one or two word query can produce literally thousands of links in the time it takes you to get your hands off the keyboard. Much as with other search engines that preceded it learning how to google has become somewhat of an art form. If your search terms are too broad you can spend minuets or hours sorting through all of the web links that are produced looking for that one page that you had in mind when you started. If on the other hand your search terms are too narrow you will get either “ 0 results found for foobar” or a few pages to search through but not the one you are looking for.

Now how would you like to go one better? A small high tech firm here in Pittsburgh has developed a technology that not only searches the web for pages that contain the terms you are looking for but then sorts and categorizes the results for you. The output of the search can be impressive indeed. The search engine is called “Clusty” and you should wander over to their site and give it a try. Just for fun put “ham radio software” in the search box and see what you get. Once you see how it works I'm sure you will find it useful.

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