Saturday, July 02, 2005

Westmoreland County info 

Well as of the morning of Saturday July 2nd the Hamblog site is still down. I'll write some additional thoughts on that latter.

The reason I bring up Hamblog is that if you live in Westmoreland County public safety communications have gone dark unless you own one of the new APCO 25 compliant scanners. If you are an avid scanner listener and do have a radio with digital capabilities you know the next thing you need for your efforts is information.

One good source for that information has been an amateur radio operator K3SAM who lives in the county. In addition to his own web site he has kept a running commentary on the system as it developed with a web log at Hamblog. Like me I think he has become dismayed with the amount of recent down time at Hamblog and has set up shop here at Blogspot. You can read his entries there and I will add him to my links section. If you are trying to keep up with the new Westmoreland County system it is must read information.

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