Wednesday, August 03, 2005

China Emerging as Chip Design Center 

I will leave to your imagination the ramifications of the following story. This is only one reason that we really need to revitalize amateur radio in this country and in so doing get our youth involved with the science and engineering fields again.

From the eWeek web site :

SHANGHAI (Reuters)—Chips designed, or partly designed, in China will account for 14.8 percent of global semiconductor sales this year, making the country the world's third-biggest for chip design, according to an industry report.

Design activity in the United States will lead the market this year, with U.S.-based design houses accounting for 40.2 percent of new semiconductor sales this year, according to the report last week from technology consultant iSuppli.

Japan will come in second, accounting for the design activity behind 15.5 percent of sales this year. After China, Taiwan would be fourth at 10.1 percent.

China is gaining strength as a semiconductor manufacturing base.

For the complete story follow this LINK.

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