Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"Hamstock" and interesting idea 

Now here is an interesting thought. It came from the Skyview Amateur Radio Club mailing list and I hope Dave doesn't mind me posting it on my blog. First thought let me tell you a little about what has been happening at Skyview which makes an idea like this one a possibility.

I have said in other posting that clubs are the heart of amateur radio and you really have to belong a to a good club to understand that statement. The closest thing I can compare it to is a church congregation. It becomes an extended family with members bonded together through the fellowship of ham radio which is something in and of its self but also as members of the club. They work together toward the common goals of the club and always stand ready to help out other club members when they need it. In addition they promote the hobby to civilians outside of the amateur radio realm. And, generally speaking they have a heck of a good time doing it! To see just how good a time visit the club web site and take a look at the pictures of the recent remodeling job. (aka This Old Clubhouse)

The Skyview Radio Society has a long history having just celebrated their 45th anniversary this past weekend. The club has always done well and been an asset to the local community and the hobby. I have to tell you though that within the last year or two the club has found a new spark (no pun intended) and with leaders like Bob Bastone WC3O, Bob Boehmer WB3FXC, Bill Bell W3RSR and many others making the club grow and expand. With ham radio “aging” over the years it is guys like these that bring new life and interest to the hobby not to mention new hams. They do the club and themselves proud and help the hobby immensely.

Having said that here is the email that prompted me to put these thoughts down in the blog. Like I said I think it is a really good idea.

Hello all,

I was just listening in on a QSO on 147.09 as the discussion centered for a
while on musicians who are hams. There are plenty of them in Pittsburgh, including myself (guitar, bass and a little bit of keyboards), my son (KB3GTJ - guitar) and Rick (AE3C - superb classical guitarist) and Rick's wife (KB3HAR - classical pianist).

I brought the subject up quite a while ago, informally, but I think the idea merits some serious discussion now. How about having the first annual Hamstock at Skyview next year?

Here's the proposed plan... we invite any licensed amateur radio operator who plays a musical instument (and their band if they have one) to perform at the Skyview Hamstock festival. And in between live performances we could
play recorded music from famous ham musicians (i.e. Joe Walsh, Chet Atkins, Ronnie Milsap, Larnelle Harris, Patty Loveless and others I may have missed). I suggest we invite Mr. Walsh to perform live at the event... he's one of my favorites.

The Amateur Radio musicians and their bands get in free and the club runs the event as a fund raiser ($5 or $10 per head?). Sell a bunch of hot dogs and burgers and have a grand ol' time while raising a pile of cash for the
club. And we could make it an all-nighter for the campers and have a nice breakfast the next morning (we could even have an Alka-Seltzer booth).

Just a thought... perhaps we could discuss the idea further at one of the future Skyview buisness meetings???


-Dave Kleber, KB3FXI

If you think this is a good idea also let one of the club members know.

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