Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oakmont gets new color scheme on police cars 

I noticed a few weeks ago that Oakmont had placed a new police car in service. It had been equipped with radios, or at least antennas, and a light bar on the roof. There were no markings on the car yet and it was entirely white. This is not unusual since when the cars are replaced they typically come in plain and are put in service before all of the accouterments are installed.

What surprised me was that several days latter I noticed the new car sitting on the paddock in front of the station with blue striped that extended the entire length of the car. None of the other cars have these markings so I wonder if the department is going for a new color scheme? I took the digital camera to work with me this morning and took a snap shot of the new car in front of the station. It now has the logo on the front doors and the rest of the lettering in addition to the new stripe so I think it is complete. I haven’t check the antennas out completely to see if they still have VHF Lo-Band but I know they have VHF High-Band capabilities as well as 800 mHz so that they can communicate with Penn Hills dispatch center. I may stop latter and see if they will let me shoot the interior of the car so I can get a good pictures of the radio control heads.

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