Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pittsburgh makes it into Amateur Radio News Line 

I’ sure most of you reading this blog are familiar with Amateur Radio News Line. This is a weekly program that while put together by amateurs is a very professional production. Hams from around the nation and the world report events in and about the hobby to this group of dedicated volunteers and they turn those reports into a twenty minuet bulletin that is played on a number of repeaters each week. A number of those involved are in the broadcast industry and the bulletin is produced in a professional studio environment.

This week Pittsburgh got a mention on News Line. Either someone local reported the story of the impending BPL tests in the Monroeville area or the News Line staff scans news feeds for the key term BPL and reports on any stories that they find. They quoted the article that published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette last week as part of their coverage.

News Line can be heard twice each week in Pittsburgh first on the 146.730 Homestead repeater Monday nights at 08:00 PM during the Two Rivers Amateur Club net. The transmission is repeated on Thursday evening at 08:00 PM on the 147.120 repeater in North Huntington. If you manage to miss both of those you can go to the News Line web site and download either an MP3 format audio file or a plain text version of this weeks edition.

By the way. Amateur Radio News Line is an all volunteer organization and they cover all of their expenses with contributions with donations made by listeners. This includes phone lines and the cost of Internet service. I’m sure that a number of the people involved put a lot of “out of pocket” money of their own to keep the day to day operations going. If you listen to and enjoy the service you should make a donation if you can. I look at News Line as an “audio magazine” and don’t mind sending them some money each year to help. They are also a legitimate 501C3 entity and so any money you contribute is fully tax deductible. Please consider helping News Line stay “on the air” if you can.

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