Thursday, September 29, 2005

Communications: "The Katrina Effect" 

Thanks to Bob, KB3MOJ, for the heads up on this article from Firehouse Magazine.

Communications: "The Katrina Effect"

Firehouse.Com Contributor
After almost every disaster of any significance, there is a rush to fix the situation and generally the first fix is to throw money at it.
In July 2004, I wrote the following article, Communications: The "Avalanche Effect" many of the things that are being stated today are not new problems. This previous article addresses many different solutions, reliability, redundancy, parallel network solutions, etc.
I have been reading with much interest about the communications problems that have been plaguing the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina.
There are references to radio system failures, this worked - while that did not. Much reference to the failure of the New Orleans radio system with a contrasting reference that the state radio system did not. Hmmm, might I ask - "If the entire state of Louisiana had been flooded, would that system remained operational?"

Follow this link for the complete story.

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