Monday, September 05, 2005

Ham with telescopes 

I have mentioned on several occasions that hams seem to gravitate to similar hobbies other than radio. It is not unusual to run into other amateur radio operators who are “into” computers, photography, model railroading just to mention a few. Another reoccurring topic of interest is astronomy. Lots of ham out there I have found own telescopes.

That said here is a web site that will be of interest for several reasons. The South West Astronomy Observers Group. It has lots of good astronomy information on it and best of all, at least from my perspective, the members of the group who are hams hold an on the air net related to astronomy and they Pod Cast it. I'm listening to a recent net as I type this and there is a LOT of good content. So after you view the webs site make sure you download the audio sessions of past nets and listen in. Great resource for hams that are star gazers.

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