Friday, September 23, 2005

If only it were true! 

While on my way home this evening I was listening to various two meter repeaters. I have a dual band mobile in the van and have the scan function set for “timed” operation. In other words when carriers appears on a frequency the rig stops on that channel for a predetermined period and then moves on even if the carrier is still present.

That way you get a sampling of conversations on every frequency you have programmed into the memory channels. I am usually listening to talk radio on the broadcast band and even on occasion speak with my wife Linda who car pools back and fourth to work with me each day.

So this evening I caught a snip it of conversation on one of the machines which I believe was the 146.730 repeater in Homestead that said the I was now Pod Casting the Thursday night Rail Fan Net. I did not catch who it was making the remark and I could not jump in at that moment to say that while a noble idea it is one that has not yet come to fruition.

If you go back a few entries here on the blog you will see that indeed we have started Pod Casting the Sunday evening Pittsburgh Area Scanner Net and making it available either as an MP3 download or as a true Pod Cast. Actually the first recording was this past week. The idea of doing the same for the Rail Fan Net has been discussed but as of this point that is not being done. If you think a Pod Cast of the Rail Fan Net would be a good idea drop me a note and let me know.

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