Sunday, September 18, 2005

Something new! Weekly scanner net moves to the realm of Pod Casting. 

Well the Three Rivers Area Monitoring Association's weekly Pittsburgh Area Scanner Net has moved into the world of Pod Casting. Starting with the September 18th Sunday evening net we will record the net each week digitally and you will be able to hear it via the Internet. This is a project that I have been talking about for quite some time now but just recently got serious about doing because of my purchase of an RCA Lyra Juke Box player that allows you to store music and video on an internal hard drive and carry it around with you.

As it turns out Mike, KB3HPC, heard about my project and was kind enough to offer hosting services for the net and also was interested enough that he was willing to set up a audio feed into the sound card of one of his Linux systems for the actual recording of the net. Mike is a genuine computer geek working in the field and also a Linux aficionado so much to my delight getting the scanner net out on the web is being done all with open source tools and software. This is something that I will have additional comments on in future blog entries.

As the hour is late I'm not going to embellish this posting with a lot of link as I try to do with others that I have created. I think that is one of the neat things about blogs is that as you read you can find links to additional information on the topic though I have to admit at times it can be distracting. So here are two important links from this weeks net.

TRAMA Weekly Scanner Net Pod Cast

Ham Radio Bulletin Board System

More on the bulletin board system in a future post also. Drop me an email and let me know what you think of the Pod Cast.

Great idea! My club's net is at the same time as the Scanner Net, so I usually can't make it to the net, but now I'll at least be able to hear it on the podcast!
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