Thursday, September 15, 2005

This Week In Amateur Radio 

This Week In Amateur Radio
I'm sure most of you our there are familiar with Amateur Radio News Line which is produced and distributed weekly nationwide and probably world wide for that matter. Here in Pittsburgh you can hear News Line each week on the Two Rivers Amateur Radio Club net Monday evenings at 08:00 PM on the 146.730 repeater. Always interesting and informative I have been listening to News Line for years now.

I was aware that there were other such “bulletin services” like the Rain Report but have never bothered to track any of them down either on the air or over the Internet. While surfing the web recently I came across a reference to “This Week In Amateur Radio” and followed it. I'm glad that I did. As I write this I am listening to the second of a number of editions of this audio weekly report that I downloaded tonight. TWIAR is a full length show lasting almost a full hour and covering a number of topics.

I think you know of my interest in Pod Casting from previous posts here on the blog so I consider this a real find combining a number of hobbies in one swell foop! I was pleasantly surprised to find that TWIAR is broken up into various segments and one of them is done by Leo Laporte. Those of you who where fans of the "Screen Savers” and “Call For Help” on Tech TV know that Leo makes technology not only interesting but entertaining as well. After you download the latest TWIAR Pod Cast check out his web site,Leoville, while you listen.


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