Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Update on Linux in the ham shack 

With all the information flowing about Katrina I haven't had much chance to comment on any of my Linux activities. I have upgraded the main system in the ham shack to version 9.3 of SuSE and let me tell you, in the word of WW3A, it ROCKS!

Now that Novell has followed the Red Hat/Fedora model with the Open SuSE project you have two choices for a completely free operating system that rivals Microsoft on the desk top and leaves it in the dust if you are thinking about putting a server on your network.

I will take the time to write a more detailed description of my experiences with Linux in the ham shack in the near future. By that time I hope to have at least one packet station set up and working. PSK31 will be the next step after that. More latter as time permits.

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