Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wall Street Journal Article on Amateur Radio 

One of the things that I had hoped would come out of this terrible disaster that has befallen the people of New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast was that my hobby, Amateur Radio, would get some recognition for the good work they do providing emergency communications in these situations.

So far I have found only two. In a previous post I have a link about an on the air interview that was done with an amateur radio operator on National Public Radio's All Things Considered show. Today there was an article by Christopher Rhoads in the Wall Street Journal. While well written and showing amateur radio in a good light I was surprised to find that there are detractors of our hobby and for that I am somewhat disappointed. I have written specifically about those remarks and will let you be the judge of their validity. I do want to thank Mr. Rhoads and the Wall Street Journal for their attention to what I consider to be not only a hobby but also an asset to our society.

As Telecom Reels
From Storm Damage,
Ham Radios Hum
September 6, 2005; Page A19
MONROE, La. -- In a shelter here, 300 miles north of New Orleans, Theo McDaniel took his plight to a young man fiddling with a clunky, outdated-looking radio.
Mr. McDaniel, a 25-year-old barber, had evacuated New Orleans with his wife and two small children more than a week ago and since then had had no contact with his brother or his aunt. The last he heard, his 42-year-old aunt was clinging to her roof.
"We've got to get a message down there to help them," he said. The man at the radio sent the information to the emergency-operations center across town, which relayed it to rescue units in New Orleans. Later in the weekend, Mr. McDaniel learned that food and water were on the way to his trapped brother and his brother's young family. He had heard nothing about his aunt.

For the complete story please follow this link.

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