Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cable is yesterday's technology 

Here is an interesting insight from the world of high tech that you won't find in your morning news paper. None the less it is a story that will probably affect you at some point in the future. I know it will affect me when it becomes available in my area.

Cable is yesterday's technology

Attorney Gregg Skall of Womble Carlyle and Don Hicks of the Missouri Broadcasters Association are attending Telecom 05 in Las Vegas, a major trade show for the telecommunications industry, and filed this special report.
The picture emerging from Telecom 05 is that cable is past its prime as a dominant video delivery system. Telcos are on the horizon and with unlimited broadband capacity in an IP delivered world and this could provide a critical opportunity for broadcasters by combining their unique ability to create high interest, local content. Most speakers here agree that the content owner is in the driver's seat, and that puts broadcasters in a very good position in the new world order. Telco executives, whose forbears said they never wanted to be more than common carriers of messages for others, are talking about being very serious video programming providers.

Follow THIS LINK for the complete story.

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